MAP: Exploring the world
Book Reviews / October 12, 2015

Title: MAP: Exploring the world Author: Phaidon Press Limited Date/Year: September 28, 2015 Format: Hardcover, 10.2 inches wide x 11.8 inches wide  x 1.5 inches thick Language: English (French is available through pre-order from Phaidon) Reviewer: cartonaut Phaidon Press Limited worked long and hard to compact a broad topic into a rolling visual summary of cartography with 300 maps and timeline. After a well written intro by John Hessler (Specialist in Modern Cartography and Geographic Information Science Geography and Map Division at the Library of Congress) the book begins with two facing geographic stories of the exaggerated perspective of the United States by a “New Yorker” told 37 years apart. Essentially cartograms of ego, they distort into cartographic hyperbole. The vantage of these initial maps are analogous to the rest of the book. We look at the history of maps from the perspective of a satellite, remotely sensing from a high altitude into the past and also from a foreshortened and compressed subjectivity from our place in time. This is a large book, so these maps and their detail are reproduced well. The color quality and resolution is greatly appreciated. However, those readers captivated by the detail of maps that were originally 6 feet in size will be…

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Announcements / August 7, 2015

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Announcements / August 6, 2015

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