Authorizing Comments, the social bargain
Announcements / August 7, 2015

Comments need attribution and accountability. This is a site of civil dialogue that leaves anonymity at the door. Instead of requiring users to create a new login to be able to comment, this site will use your existing logins from different social media on the web and other sources with an established personal authorization. Yep, we’ll let your friends vouch for you . With that comes some hiccups, occasionally their authorization tools break and I have no solution or the hurdles to become a developer with them in order to run an authorization app keep them out of our toolshed. All of this is stuff I’m sharing with you about the process of setting up a blog I really didn’t want to learn about, but my commitment to privacy and ease of use made this an obligation and hope the transparency is helpful. If the login doesn’t have an email associated with it, you will be required to enter it before leaving a comment.